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  • GCC 淨化水 500ml - GCC
  • GCC 淨化水 500ml - GCC
  • GCC 淨化水 500ml - GCC
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GCC purification water 500ml

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GCC purification water (500ml)

Disinfection, purification, sterilization, decomposition to stinky

The main ingredients of human and animal -saved daily ammonia compounds are used as the main ingredients. Broadly sterilized and disinfected cleaners can effectively treat more than odor -smelling substances, Aimonia, coffee flavor, mildew and other unpleasant smells, inhibitory and killing Sterilizer and mold.

The product passed the Hong Kong CMA Testing Center passed the safety and sterilization test, the Hong Kong brand, the manufacturer of the FEM and Germany, the general home, the commercial office, or the animal place are safely used.

Hong Kong brand, passed safety testing through the Hong Kong CMA Inspection CenterSterilization test!

The Canadian government has confirmed that effective ingredients can eliminate COVID-19

Din input02255154 can be checked

Instructions :

1. Spray two to three times for items and spaces that need disinfection

2. No additional cleaning

3. 500ml is convenient and easy to use

*Valid until: 2024 (three years)
** Made in Canada
main ingredient :
Quaternary ammonium compounds 5%