Gracia Chan

Gracia Chan Plant Doctor - Prevention and Treatment of Mirrus Advisers (GCC)

Patented Products HK1189445 Golden Potato Starch Cat Litter  (Royal PET148)

Multiple working experience in organization or government section, such as Food and Environmental Department, PCAS, Hospital Authority and Pest Control Course Trainer etc.

  • Personal work experience: insect rat survey and follow-up, management service outsourcing (prevention and treatment of cleansing and pest control ), implement public health regulations prosecution work, insects anatomy and research areas, classification (mosquito), insect identification Patients with dengue fever patients follow into investigation, the hazard analysis of Hong Kong mosquitoes and the surveys of rats, regional insects. The University of Hong Kong offers anatomical rat liver, spleen and mucus.
  • Enhance the public fire safety awareness and train the next generation, conduct non-commercial compulsory teaching, kindergarten, primary school and regular participation in workshop obligatory teaching
  • Education (public health) Bachelor, Environmental Hygiene Diploma, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department prevention and treatment of pest certificate, plant pathology and pest management certificate, laboratory technician certificate
  • Hong Kong Pendant Control Practitioner Association - Management (Promoter) Member AM-353C
  • Fire Safety Ambassador Tutor - T002536
  • 2019-2021 Macau Science Pavilion Substitution
  • 2019-2021 Macau University's Substitution
  • 2020 philosopher, graduated from excellent
  • 2021 Taiwan public health harm
  • 2021 Southern Daily / Weekly Media Interview and Interpretation
  • 2022 UDemy Online Video Course Prevention
  • 2022 HKQAA Pest Control Technician ( PCT2021-003 )
  • 2022 Member of AAFCO : 168541