Corporate Responsibility

Enterprise Responsibility of Society - Realizing the Vision of Sustainable Development Society.

Providing a free pest control service to someone who

  • must be Hong Kong Permanent Resident (GCC HK)
  • must be Macau Permanent Residents (GCC Mo)
  • Provide half-price or free professional insecticide services (unlimited varieties)
  • Supporting family categories: difficulties in economic difficulties, monologists, self-care, people, social blessing institutions, and Hong Kong District Council
  • If the insecticor is visited, it is discovered that the support family does not match the facts, the company has the right to stop service.

Welcome to people, social blessing institutions or Hong Kong District Councilors call for relevant support services Details can be directly connected to Gracia Chan: Tel / WhatsApp (852) 6016 2648

For the earth environmental protection

  • The company uses environmentally friendly anti-anti-resultion, Tier3 and other natural decomposition and environmental types, and reduce the impact on the environment.
Guidance principle on respecting human rights in work
  • GCC is committed to providing equal opportunities, respecting human rights, eliminating discrimination, and prohibiting labor.
  • In order to achieve corporate development and profitability, respect for human rights must be a complete part of our corporate culture.
  • Committed to creating a corporate culture of employees respect personal dignity and value.
  • Create an environment that encourages employee understanding and realizing human rights importance

Fair employment opportunities and respect human rights

  • GCC provides fair employment opportunities to work fair to treat employees, excluding any races, skin tones, religion, gender, social status, bloodline, body or psychological defects, sexual orientation, and anything else.
  • GCC strictly abides by the applicable laws and regulations in the country and regions of the company's operations in terms of employees. Be
  • GCC does not hire labor in any form being forced or stress.
  • GCC maintains a health and safety work environment.