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Dr. Gracia Chan

GCC Professional Pet Safety Pest Control

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GCC experts will evaluate insects in the spot. According to the weather, temperature, humidity, geographic environment, and then cooperate with biodiversity ecosystems, it is judged and formulated an effective prevention plan. Be

But what is the pet safety pest control service? Live YouTubelive Channel

Using with ECO insecticides are safety for pets. There are two principles:

1. The removal agent is an ingredient that is harmful to pets, natural embankments, such as Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Oil, and more.

2. Effective ingredients in the ECO pesticides , it's different principles of pets and pests, will only have effects on specific pests, such as the nervous system for pests, so that they have excessively active Death, but because the receivers in the nervous system of people and pets are different, there is no response.

Due to the above products and the effective ingredients of human livestock, there is not much to use, so it is basically used for some pests, so we need skills and techniques to make pets and children can't be exposed.

$ 1000 has included the price of pesticide , on-site service (above price does not include Island)

After customers purchase the services, please wait for us to call and contact, if you need to contact us, the contact number is as below :

Duty Pest Control Officer Hotline (24 hours): (852) 9807 1707