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Pet Environmental Health Supplies Series 24.12.2021 Update

Q1. If you want to useMop, just better?

A1: If the area is large, the frequency is relatively high, it is best to concentrate

Q2.ConcentratedIs it tasteless?

A2: There will be a little basic taste when the cover is opened, but when you dilute, there is no taste.

Q3. Is there no bubble?

A3: Very slightly no bubble, but it is no longer, details can be seenYoutubechannel

Q4. If I don't accept the goods?

A4: Reassured, we use sf expressss distribution, will immediately collect money, after receiving the goods, check the goods after the goods, payme or bank transfer to us

Q5: What is the pet really safe?

A5: There is a relevant certification in Canada, and in S.DRUG.COM, our Hong Kong has been inspected in the inspection of SGS discussion.