GCC® Product Demonstration

GCC®Product Teaching Demonstration is personally filmed by Gracia Chan, if you have any questions, you can call it directly / whatsapp: 6016 2648, Gracia Chan


Pet Environmental Hygiene Supplies Series:

Professional cleaning disinfectant (pet home applicable)



Professional Cotral Goods Series:

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GCC professional cockroach bait usage method

1.1 How to use and field - kitchen

GCC professional rodentic bait usage method

1.1 How to use(Product introduction and instructions)

1.2 Method 2(Product Usage Tips) - Theoretical Application

1.3 Use three (Product Skills 2) - Field - Terrace

1.4 Method of use(Product Skills 3) - Field - Toilet

1.5 How to use(Product Skills 3) - Field - Kitchen

After purchase products, Gracia Chan will provide advisory (unlimited)