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In order to cooperate with GCC Green Concept Control rapid expansion

We welcome everyone to join our GCC Green Concept Control family. We have full -time, half -job and free work position. We understand At the same time, he is a person who is a job, and at the same time, friends of different nationalities and skin colors.

GCC supports the social work of the more people. Welcome to the minor case (except for sexual crimes, because we will have on -site services, there will be female customers). Note: We will keep confidential in accordance with the Hong Kong Private Stability Regulations.

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Choose your favorite position> Transmission Information> Waiting Notice (7 working Days)> Interview> Waiting Notice (7 working days)> Skills Test (if.)

Full -time, half -job and free work positions will set the clauses and benefits in accordance with the Hong Kong Labor Department and the laws. For details, you can click on the following:

GCC recruitment and welfare clauses (25.04.2022 update)

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