What is the pet safety pest control

GCC experts will evaluate pest infestation on the spot. According to the weather, temperature, humidity, geographic environment, and then combine with biodiversity ecosystems, it is judged and formulated an effective control plan. 

But what is the pet safety pest control service? Live YouTubelive Channel ( Chinese Speaking )

The ECO pest control services are using by ECO insecticides and these ingredients are safety for pets. There are two principles for pet safety : 

1. The insecticide agent is an ingredient that is safety to pets, natural ingredient, such as Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Oil and etc ,,,, 

2. Effective ingredients for ECO pesticide, with different principles of pests & pets, it will only have affect on specific pests, such as the nervous system for pests. So that it would be stimulate continuously , it's because the receivers in the nervous system of people and pets are different, there is no response in human and pets. 

For above ECO products and the effective ingredients of pet safety, there is not wide to use, so we must use some normal pesticide instead of ECO pesticide, so we need technological skills and techniques to avoids contact with pets and children. 

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