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GCC ® Professional rodent baits 200g (k) 2 bottles

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GCC ® pest consultant Gracia CHAN personally developed
GCC ® 2nd generation highly effective rat poison baits 200g (g)
The mouse is gone?The body's gone?
It is only because of the unique formula of Gracisia chan that it will feel uncomfortable after serving the mice, and return to the real nest outside, usually outside the street, and then kill the poison and will not die in the home and treatment of the place.After the customer said that after the food was finished, the rat had disappeared, and no body was found, but the real problem was solved !!!
The invention avoids the mouse principle: the drug bait is the anticoagulant that inhibits the metabolism of vitamin K and reduces the content of the vitamin in the body when the mouse is poisoned, which directly influences the coagulation factor manufacturing (factor II, VII, IX, X), which causes the coagulation disorder.In addition to causing the coagulation disorder, such drugs can also cause damage to the microvascular of mice, increasing their permeability and making the bleeding condition more severe.
In contrast to the first generation of rat poison with a relatively short discharge half-life, a high dose of continuous intake can be accumulated until the lethal dose can be accumulated, but the second generation of rodent is higher and the lethal dose is low. It is usually only a bait to reach the lethal dose, and is effective against the first generation of drug resistance.
-This product adds rat's favorite food, increases luring sex
-The color aspect is adjusted to dark blue, which is easy to identify
-toxicity to aquatic organisms, do not pollute or use in fish ponds, water sources, ponds, lakes, rivers, etc.
Statement: This product can only be used for rodent purposes !!! It shall not be used for other purposes and this company will not be held responsible for the use of the Code of Practice against the label !!!
Product design and use;
-Purchase of 1 bottle of products attached to 5 bottles, 3 bottles attached with lock safety bait box 1
-Use of teaching, drug distribution location and usage on product packaging box
-The Norwegian rat and the black rat are relatively unfamiliar, waiting for 2-3 days to start taking food. As for the little Mickey minutes, it's relatively quick to see a marked improvement.
-It's like a professional pest control
-200g can handle rat infestation (approximately 2 or mouse 4 rats)
-If the bait is consumed immediately, it will only be effective if the amount of lethal dose is different for each mouse.
-Package with QR code, direct access to official web page teaching videos
-Free product after-sales consultation
-General household customers (two or three) are not suitable for a large sum of purchases (6 bottles or more), so as not to cause money to be wasted. Customers are advised to contact us if consultation usage is required
Effective ingredient: Brodifacoum
Hong Kong Registration No. 1P12 SB( 0.005 % w/v)
Hong Kong Pesticides Licence: ALIC 8491

Use method of GCC professional roburat bait

(Please stay tuned for 10 minutes before use) Customer can click on the link below

1.1 Use method one(Product introduction and description)

1.2 Use method two(Product Use Skills I) - Theoretical Applications

1.3 Use method three (Product Use Skills II) - Field-terrace

1.4 Use method four(Product Use Skills III) - Field-Toilet

1.5 Use method five(Product Use Skills III) - Field-Kitchen

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