GCC® home bed bed

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GCC experts will evaluate insects in the spot. According to the weather, temperature, humidity, geographic environment, and then cooperate with biodiversity ecosystems, it is judged and formulated an effective prevention plan. Our experts usually take the following action after the scene: find out the location of pests in the scene
  • Using steaming insects, utilizes thermal and steam, deep and small place, eliminate eggs and pests
  • Use spray, air mist, powder and other prevention measures
  • Before prepared, the clothing, sheets are paved, etc., into the rubber bag and dry cleaning
  • Special for anti-drug bedding
  • Up to 99.9% kill, and greatly reduce the possible possible possible

$ 1000 has included the price of drugs, on-site service (above price does not include India, island)

After customers buy services, wait for the Director of the Sworm to call and contact, if you need to contact us, the method is as follows:

When value prevention and treatment of the main hotline (24 hours): (852) 9807 1707