Recognize pet home disinfection company

The following cleaning and insecticidal companies recognize the provision of safe pet home disinfection services. The recognized companies use GCC professional cleaning and disinfection agents (pet home furnishings) and provide safe pet home disinfection services. Customers can contact the following companies to inquire.

Disclaimer: The company did not participate in the following company's quotation and any related charges

Authorized number, company name and contact method:

GCPS0001 -Empires Property (Holdings) Limited

Tel/WhatsApp: 9617 3688

GCPS0002 -Xueran insect pest management Co., Ltd.

Tel/WhatsApp: 9318 6708

GCPS0003 -Liejie Environmental Calling Cleaning Company

Tel/WhatsApp: 9232 8014

GCPS0004 -Kege Clean and Disinfection

Tel/WhatsApp: 6626 3900

GCPS0005 -Jack Lee

Tel/WhatsApp: 5444 3337