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  • GCC 淨化清潔消毒劑系列 2.5L (即用裝-百香果) - GCC
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GCC purification cleaning disinfection agent series 2.5L (ie, use-passion fruit)

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Hong Kong top environmental sanitation brand
Products pass the Hong Kong CMA Inspection Center Safety Certification and Bybinilization Test
Made in Canada

Ordinary home, pet home furnishings and commercial places can be used! Intersection Intersection
In terms of deodorization: directly eliminate multiple odor compounds
In terms of disinfection and sterilization: The cationic and hydrogen bonding force through static power and hydrogen bonding are combined with hydrophobic binding between surface active agents and protein molecules to adsorb negative bacteria, causing bacterial growth to be inhibited and died.
Human and pet safety: There is no problem with pet contact and will not be skin or body by the skin and body
How to use: simple and easy to use, non -food utensils can also be exempted from water!

The first: ordinary home, pet home furnishings and places, commercial places (classrooms, fitness centers, teaching classes, barber shops, shopping malls and people with many traffic)
Second: It is suitable for food treatment venues, including restaurant snack restaurants or aquarium fish tanks, and so on.
Third: Strengthen dehuminating treatment and completely remove odor.
Fourth: Can kill more types of bacteria and viruses.

The Canadian government report pointed out that effective ingredients can kill COVID-19 viruses

Disinfection, purification, sterilization, decomposition to stinky
  • Daily ammonium compounds that use human and animals as the main ingredients as the main ingredients
  • Extensive sterilization and disinfection cleaner
  • Can effectively handle the substances that are more than the odor, Armania, coffee flavor, mold and other unpleasant smell
  • Inhibit and kill fungi and mold
  • The product passed the safety and sterilization test of the Hong Kong CMA Testing Center
  • Hong Kong brand, Canadian and German self -established factory manufacturing
  • General home furnishings, commercial offices, or animal places are safely used
  • It can be sprayed, large -area cleaning, atomization treatment, UIV outdoor and indoor disinfection procedures
  • Do not cause damage to any objects, such as wax surface, wood grain, cloud stone surface and ceramics, etc.
  • Efficient and economic affordable choice
  • It is convenient to use, no water is required after cleaning

In a large number of commercial customers, we will provide commercial prices and free environmental virus model tests. For details, please call/WhatsApp: 6016 2648

* Valid date until 2025

** Every time you buy a bottle, 500 ml spray bottle will be attached