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  • GCC專業滅鼠藥餌200g(克) - GCC
  • GCC專業滅鼠藥餌200g(克) - GCC
  • GCC專業滅鼠藥餌200g(克) - GCC
  • GCC專業滅鼠藥餌200g(克) - GCC
  • GCC專業滅鼠藥餌200g(克) - GCC
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GCC Professional rodenticide 200g (gram)

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Developed by GCC consultant Gracia Chan 
GCC second-generation high-efficiency rodenticide 200g (gram)
The rodent is not seen? The body disappear ?

Just because of Gracia Chan unique formula, it will feel so comfortable, return to the real nest, usually outside the street, then to poison, will not die, home and treatment. After the customer said that after the food was completed, there was no body, but did not find the body, but the real problem solved! ! !

How to Control : Bait inhibits vitamin K metabolism anti-coagulant agents, mouse poisoning makes the body vitamin content, directly affects the manufacture of coagulation factors (factor II, VII, IX, X), resulting in coagulation disorders. In addition to causing coagulation disorders, such drugs can also cause damage to the mouse microvascular, increase its permeability, so that the bleeding condition is more serious.
Comparing the drug resistance of the first generation of rodent drugs and shorter semi-final, the high-dose continuous intake can be accumulated to lethal dose, but the second generation of rodents is higher, the desired dose is low, usually only only The fatal dose can be achieved in needoven to eat, which is effective for those of the first generation of drug resistance.
- This product is added to the mouse to the most affectionate materials, increase the induceration
- Color adjustment to dark blue, easy to identify
- For aquatic biological drug, do not pollute or use the fish pool, water source, pond, lake, river and other waters
Disclaimer: This product can only be used for rodent use !!! Do not use other purposes, the company will not be responsible for the use of the use of the label !!!
Product design and use;
- Buy a product and attached 5 warning plastic bags
- With guild line on the label, distribution locations and dosage used
- Due to Norwegian rats and black mouse comparative strange things, wait for 2-3 days to take food. But minus minus rodent , it like a new things, so it's may come to fast effective.
- It likes a professional pest control at home
- 200g can handle about 2 rodents or 4 mices
- If the bait is consumed, it must be refill immediately. Due the different LD of different rodent, it is need to take enough dosage of rodenticide.
- Packaging with QR CODE, directly enter the official website teaching video
Free product after-sales consultation
- General home customers (two rooms or three rooms) are not suitable for a large number of purchases (6 cups), so as not to cause money to waste, it is recommended that customers measure, if you need to consult, you can contact us.
Active ingredient: Brodifacoum
Hong Kong Registration No .: 1P12 SB (0.005% W / V)
The Hong Kong pesticide license: ALIC 8491


GCC professional rodenticide : 

(Please read it in 10 minutes before use) customers can click on the following link.

1.1 Method 1(Product introduction and instructions)

1.2 Method 2(Product Usage Tips) - Theoretical Application

1.3 Method 3 (Product Skills 2) - Field - Terrace

1.4 Method 4(Product Skills 3) - Field - Toilet

1.5 Method 5(Product Skills 3) - Field - Kitchen

When customer after purchase products, You may enquiries Gracia Chan with providing guidance skills (unlimited number of times)