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GCC ® Professional rodent control suit

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GCC ® Developed by pest control consultant Gracia Chan
GCC ® The second generation of efficient rodent killing bait 200g (g)

The rodent's gone? The body's gone?
Just because Gracia Chan's unique formula makes mice feel uncomfortable after taking it, they go back to the real nest outside, usually outside the street, and then die by poisoning, not in the home and treatment center. The trial customer said that after eating, the rats disappeared and no body was found, but the real problem was solved!!!
Principle of eliminating mice: the bait is an anticoagulant that inhibits the metabolism of vitamin K. when the mice are poisoned, the vitamin content in the body is reduced, which directly affects the production of coagulation factors (factors II, VII, IX, x), resulting in coagulation disorders. In addition to causing coagulation disorders, such drugs can also cause microvascular damage in mice, increase its permeability and make the bleeding more serious.

In contrast, the first generation rodenticide has low drug properties and short excretion half-life, which requires high-dose continuous ingestion for several days to accumulate to the lethal dose, but the second generation rodenticide has high drug properties and low lethal dose. Usually, it can reach the lethal dose by eating only one poison bait, which is also effective for those resistant to the first generation drugs.

-This product adds the most favorite food of mice to increase attractiveness
-The color is adjusted to dark blue, which is easy to identify
-It is toxic to aquatic organisms. Do not pollute or use it in fish ponds, water sources, ponds, lakes, rivers and other waters
Declaration: This product can only be used for deratization purpose!!! It shall not be used for other purposes. The company will not be responsible for violating the use rules on the label!!!

Product design and use;

-Every purchase of one bottle of product comes with 5 bait boxes, and the purchase of three bottles comes with 1 safety bait box with lock
-Teaching, drug distribution location and dosage on product packaging box
-As Norway mouse and black house mouse are relatively strange things, they have to wait for 2-3 days to take them after they are placed. As for little Mickey's preference for new things, we can see obvious improvement soon
-It's like professional pest control at home
-200g can be used to treat rats once (about 2 rats or 4 mice)
-If the bait is replenished immediately after consumption, due to the different lethal dose of each mouse, it must take enough drugs to be effective
-QR code is attached to the package, and you can directly enter the teaching video on the official website
-Free product after-sales consultation
-If customers need to inquire about the dosage, they can contact us

The contents include:
1. One safety lock bait box
Elegant design, easy to use, with safety lock, so that children and pets can not touch the bait inside.
2. Two bottles of rodent killing bait
3. 4 warning labels, 5 sets of plastic bags and white bait boxes
4. Old3 rat rubber plates

Active ingredient: brodifacoum
Hong Kong Registration No.: 1p12 sb (0.005% w / V)
The company's Hong Kong pesticide license: ALIC 8491

GCC professional rodent bait usage

(please watch it for 10 minutes before use) customers can click the following connection

1.1 Use method I(product introduction and description)

1.2 Use method 2(product use skills I) - Theoretical Application

1.3 Application method III (product use skills II) - field - terrace

1.4 Application method 4(product use skills III) - field - toilet

1.5 Application method 5(product use skills III) - field - kitchen

When customers buy products, Gracia Chan will provide coaching skills (unlimited times)