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GCC cockroach prevention set

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GCC 18 -hour fast chain infecting cockroaches

Principles of extinction adults: The bait will seduce cockroaches to serve. After the cockroaches are infected, they will feel uncomfortable and return to the nest to rest. When the nest is resting, after the poisonous dies, the companion will eat its body to get infected.
The principle of extinction larvae: After serving as a medicine bait, it is infected. When returning to the nest, it will produce excrement, and the larvae will eat excrement to achieve infection.
Fipronil's insect extinguishing principle: Normal nervous system, a Gabaa receiver will allow CL-to pass, and the function is to inhibit the activity of the nerve. However, Fipronil prevents CL-from entering, which leads to the activity of the nerve to suppress the nerve. The nerves will become highly active, and finally the nerves will be excessive.
Because mammals are different from the GABA of insects, and the GABA of insects is more sensitive to Fipronil, it is still more toxic for insects.
content include:

1. 2 cockroach ointment 2
2. Cockroach medicine bait box x 6
3. Cockroache biosuzzlers X 3
4. Professional insecticidal water x 1

The cockroach medicine bait box is white and elegant design, which is convenient to use, and can adjust the length of the opening and closing, so that children and pets cannot touch the medicine bait inside.

GCC cockroach pills effective ingredients: fipronil
Hong Kong Registration Number: 1P145 RB (0.05% W/V)

GCC professional pesticides effective ingredients: CyperMethrin
Hong Kong Registration Number: 2P149 Al (1.00% w/v)

GCC cockroach biological inhibitors effective ingredients: S-Hydroprene 90.6%
Hong Kong Registration Number: 1P153 (VP)

The company's Hong Kong removal license: Alic 8491