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  • GCC專業清潔消毒劑(寵物家居適用) 500ml - GCC
  • GCC專業清潔消毒劑(寵物家居適用) 500ml - GCC
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GCC professional cleaning disinfection agent (applicable to pet home homes) 500ml

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Want to deodorize again? Want to disinfect and sterilize? Want to be at ease of pets? Want to avoid water? Want to free shipping? Want to receive the goods first? If you finish selling other products, even if you? When you want to ask with questions, call to customer service, only voice calls?

Our GCC is honored to help you💪🏻
GCC Revolution launched a professional cleaning disinfection agent, which is particularly enhanced! Intersection Intersection Pet home home👍🏻💪🏻

The Canadian government has confirmed that effective ingredients can eliminate COVID-19

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In terms of deodorization: Directly eliminating the odor compound (NH3) 🧪
In terms of disinfection and sterilization: The cationic and hydrogen bonding force through static electricity and hydrogen bonding with hydrophobic binding between surface active agents and protein molecules, adsorb negative bacteria, cause bacterial growth to be suppressed and die.
Pet safety: there is no problem with hands and feet💪🏻
How to use: simple and easy to use, non -food utensils can also be exempted from water!

The second generation of professional cleaning disinfection agent, compared with the first generation of effective ingredients, is completely improved. Now it can be used for the following:
The first: pet home furnishings and places, including veterinary clinics, pet shops, pet home.
Second: It is suitable for food treatment places, including restaurant snack restaurants or aquarium fish tanks, and so on.
Third: Strengthen dehuminating treatment and completely remove odor.
Fourth: It can effectively kill more types of bacteria and viruses.
The Canadian report pointed out that it can be killed: HIV, HBV, HCV, human coronary virus and salad virus
That is to use the way to use:
You don't need to be diluted, you can use it directly, spray the disinfection cleaner on the surface, wait for the air to dry for 10 minutes, and then remove the remaining cleaning liquid. To deal with food utensils, it is recommended to use water again
It can be used without any dilution, can be used in mopping, cleaning pet clothes and toys, disinfection of furniture and home products, cleaning pet utensils, and so on.
The method of use is as follows:
-It if you need to be diluted, there can be no more than 1: 1 clear water for cleaning.
-If for disinfection stains, you can spray this product first, wait for 10 minutes before cleaning with water.
-If for disinfection of blood, remove the blood with water, and then spray the detergent disinfection.
-If you need to clean your pet utensils, spray the disinfection cleaner first, wait for 10 minutes before using water to pass water once.
-If you need to clean any house in the indoor, you can use the sprayer attached to the company to spray the objects. After air drying, you can.
*Valid until: 2025 (three years)
** Made in Canada
GCC deodorant disinfection cleaner test test of actual combat
Effective ingredients:
Alkyl Dimethyl Etehylbenzyl Amonium chloride (5%),
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Amonium Chloride (5%