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GCC Professional Disinfectant Cleaner (Suitable for Domestic and Pet ) 2.5L (liter)

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You want to deodorize ? You want to sterilize it? Pet Safety ? Allow to air dry? Do you want free shipping ? Do you want to receive the goods first ? When you have a problem, and only voice calls for customer services ?

GCC is proud to help you.💪🏻

GCC Revolutionary Professional Clean Disinfectant, Special to Enhance Deodorant Performance !!! Pet Safety 👍🏻💪🏻

Deodorant: Direct Elimination of Stinky Compounds (NH3) 🧪
Sterilization and Disinfection: The cation uses electrostatic force, the hydrogen bond force, which acts as a hydrophobic combination between the surfactant molecules and the protein molecules, absorbs the negatively charged bacteria and causes the bacterial growth to be suppressed.🦠
Pet safety: No problem touching with hands and feet💪🏻
Use method: Simple and easy to use, non-utensils can also be free of water!

The second generation of professional cleaning disinfectants, the complete improvement of the first generation of effective components, can now be used for the following:

The first: pet homes and premises, including veterinary clinics, pet stores, pet homes.
Second: for food processing places, including restaurant snack shops or aquarium fish tanks and so on.
The third is to enhance deodorization and remove the odor thoroughly.
Fourth: to effectively kill more kinds of bacteria and viruses.
Canada reports that it can kill: HIV, HBV, HCV, human coronavirus, and SARS

Direction of use : 
There is no need for extra dilution, which can be used directly, spraying the disinfectant detergent on the surface, waiting to dry for 10 minutes, after which the remaining cleaning liquid is cleared. It's recommended to use water once more.
It can be used for mopping, washing pet clothes and toys, disinfecting furniture, cleaning pet utensils and so on.

The following methods are used:
-If it needs to be diluted, it can be cleaned without more than 1: 1 clear water.
-If you need to disinfect the stain, you can spray the product first and wait 10 minutes to clean it with clean water.
-If you need to disinfect the blood, remove the blood with clean water and then spray the detergent to disinfect it.
-If you need to wash pet utensils, first spray the disinfectant and wait for 10 minutes and then water once again.
-If you need to clean any furniture in the room, you can use the sprayer attached to the company to spray the objects and allow to air dry.

* valid until 2025 (3 years)
** Made in Canada
*** 500ml spray bottle is also attached