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GCC ® professional cleaning disinfectant (pet home applicable) 2.5 L (liter) concentrated

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I want to deodorize? I want to sterilize and sterilize? I want to pet to peace of mind? I want to avoid water? I want to free shipping? Do you want to pick up the goods before?  Other products are sold, do you have? When you want to ask if you want to ask, call your customer service, only voice calls?

We gcc can be honored to help you.💪🏻

GCC revolution launches professional cleaning disinfectant, especially in addition to stinking! ! ! Pet home is used👍🏻💪🏻

Deodorization: Directly eliminate a crystallodic compound (NH3) 🧪
In terms of sterilization of sterilization: cation is hydrophilic, hydrogen bonding, adsorbed with negatively charged bacteria, resulting in suppression of bacterial growth, and death
Pet security: hands and feet have no problem💪🏻
How to use: Simple and easy, non-food can also be avoided!

Professional cleaning disinfectant second generation, compared to the first generation effective ingredients thoroughly improved, can now be used in the following:
The first: pet home and place, including veterinary clinic, pet shop, pet home.
Second: Suitable for food treatment places, including restaurant snacks or aquarium fish tanks, etc.
The third: strengthen deodorization treatment, completely remove the odor.
The fourth: can effectively kill more kinds of bacteria and viruses.
Canada reports indicates that Kill: HIV, HBV, HCV, human coronary virus and sand virus
That is, the use method is used:
No additional dilution is required, you can use it directly, spray the sterilizer on the surface, and wait for 10 minutes of air dry, then remove the remaining cleaning liquid. Treatment of food utensils, it is recommended to use water over water once
You can do any dilution, you can use to mop, cleaning pet clothes and toys, furniture, sterilization, cleaning pet utensils, etc.
Canada reports indicates that Kill: HIV, HBV, HCV, human coronary virus and sand virus
The method is as follows:
- If you need to dilute, you can not clean it at 1: 1 water.
- If you need to disinfect the stain, you can first spray the product, wait 10 minutes, then clean it with water.
- If you need to disinfect blood, please remove blood in water, then spray the detergent disinfection.
- If you need to clean your pet's food, first spray the sterilization cleaner, wait 10 minutes, then use water to overwater once.
- If you need to clean any homes in the room, you can use the sprayer from which the company is sprayed, and it can be dried.
Concentrated installation method:
For the first time, please add 1000ml water, clean and disinfect, including large area cleaning, and so on. When maintenance is used for the second time, it is necessary to maintain clean and disinfection at 25ml plus 1000ml, which can be used as a dilution.
Note, concentrating is a concentrated water, different from the concentrate on the market
* Valid until: 2024 (three years)
** Canadian manufacturing
*** Take a 500ml spray bottle