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GCC Professional Roach Gel 30g

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GCC  Developed by pest control consultant Gracia Chan

GCC ®Rapid chain infection of cockroaches;
Principle of exterminating adults: the bait will lure cockroaches to take it. Cockroaches will feel uncomfortable after infection and return to the nest to rest. When the nest rests, after the poison hair dies, its companions will eat its body and get infected.
Principle of larval extinction: when the adult takes the bait, it will be infected. When it returns to the nest, it will produce excreta, and the larva will eat the excreta to achieve infection.
Fipronil's Insecticidal principle:In the normal nervous system, there is a GABAA receiver that allows Cl - to pass through. Its function is to inhibit nerve activity. However, fipronil prevents Cl - from entering, resulting in failure to suppress nerve activity, the nerve will become highly active, and finally the nerve will die excessively.
Because the GABA of mammals and insects is different, and the GABA of insects is more sensitive to fipronil, it is still toxic to insects.
Product design and use;
-There is a special scale label on the needle cylinder for easy use
-The variety and identification method of cockroaches are clearly listed on the product packaging box, so that users can know the variety and apply the medicine to the case
-It took effect in three days and improved significantly in seven days
-It's like professional pest control at home
-30g (g) can be used for one year. It is recommended to change the bait every three months
-QR code is attached to the package, and you can directly enter the teaching video on the official website
-Free product after-sales consultation

Active ingredient: Fipronil
Hong Kong Registration No.: 1p145 Rb (0.05% w / V)
The company's Hong Kong pesticide license: Alic 8491

Box size: 27cm x 7.5cm x 3cm
Syringe: 23cm

GCC professional cockroach bait usage

(please watch it for 6 minutes before use) customers can click the following connection

1.1 Usage and field - kitchen