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Home deep disinfection services, targeting COVID-19

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From Dr. Gracia Chan personally in person with deep disinfection services, there are pets, which can be carried out, especially for COVID-19, about one to two hours.

The procedure is as follows:

1. The UIV disinfection sprayer will be used to deal with disinfection, and the confidentiator can be disinfected.

2. High-risk positions, people often have a position, such as door shank, faucet, lamp, keyboard, mouse, etc. The location of the devilion will be irrigated to ensure that the drainage can be disinfected.

3. When the disinfection process is completed, it will perform a local disinfection layer in the above high-risk position (effective protection for 180 days)

4. Finally, the environmental new crown virus test will be conducted. If the positive will be repaid again

General three-bedroom and one hall (the price within 1000) $ 2500 including sampling board

$ 500 per 500 呎 以, 1,500

If you have inquiry, you can call directly: 60162648, Dr. Chan

Special note: In order to save your valuable inquiry time, if you seek a few hundred mosquitoes, if you do 15-30 minutes, please don't waste everyone, and you can help you. My specialist is healthy, and it takes a minimum of two hours to be completed. Every corner will be carefully disinfected and cleaned, and the customers who have served it, I will even help you clean you.

If you are economically not burden, I want to seek good service, protect myself and the people and baby, absolutely price reduction, even if your elderly Mom live alone, self-care, community paying attention, I am You can also help you perform the above environmental disinfection.

Thank customers for support🙇🏻‍♂️