Chill 級得2 之GCC 攤位活動 A2 攤位1-2/1/2022

Chill Grade 2 GCC booth activity A2 booth 1-2/1/2022

I'll see you guys.🤣🤣
Chill Grade 2 GCC booth activity A2 booth 1-2/1/2022
1. A2 booth, right in front of the door to see us.
2. The Company will send out 300 professional cleaning disinfectants (suitable for pet furniture) 250 ml of clothing. All you have to do is to collect the gift coupons from the small gift, and then go to the stalls to collect them (while stock lasts.)
3. ECO-Green Home Buyout Service (Harmless) Demonstration and Presentation
4. GCC brand pet hygiene products and pest stores sale and information
5. Small animal hand-drawn postcard exhibition for Studio dim dim
6. In addition, the company will send out a $200 voucher for the exterminator. Except for the small gift wrapped in the General Assembly, anyone who buys the product on that day will be given a total of 600 copies, which will be given away.
Other matters of discussion are welcome
"Chill Grade 2022 Pet Pet Market"
👉Admission is free.📣
Entry to Smart Pet Pet Pretty, environmentally friendly shopping bags will be available👜It's convenient for everyone to shop!
🌟Advance registration with a mysterious little gift.🎁One.Limited gifts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.😉