An exclusive interview with Nandu daily / weekly in December 2021

The issue of red fire ant was interviewed.

Member of Hong Kong pest control industry associationPCOChen Guanming, the person in charge of the enterprise, said, "based on the biological nature, once there are changes in the nearby geography and ecological environment, such as engineering projects, tree cutting, land drought, or large-scale use of pesticides, it will lead to the migration or outward expansion of red fire ants to find more suitable nests."

In his work, he felt, "in terms of killing and treatment technology, at present, the technical requirements for red fire ant treatment are the highest, followed by termites, wood borers and bedbugs."

Chen Guanming's analysis, "Why should we emphasize the operation of high-tech personnel? Because the prevention and control personnel need to understand the characteristics of red fire ants. The queen ant must be killed before the whole nest can enter the stage of decline and extinction. The queen ant often hides in the deepest place and adopts the way of irrigation. If it is not thorough enough, red fire ants will soon recover or expand; when the bait is used, it must cooperate with the active foraging period of red fire ants, Otherwise, the effect will not be good. "

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