Pest Control 這兩個英文字的背後意思

Behind the two English words of Pest Control

What behind the word of pest control ?

Pest control is not only killing, but also controlling

Generally, we will use integrated pest management, which is not a direct killing system, but a system integrated by a series of control methods.

When carrying out a pest control procedure:

  1. Investigate pests and their sources
  2. Identification of pest species
  3. Develop a pest control program, including biophysics, chemistry and environment
  4. follow up
  5. Record events, including pesticides used, location, etc

In pest control

  1. Chemical control(Chemical Control): in words, chemical agents or pesticides are used for treatment. In the market, they are mainly divided into immediate killing, residue, infection and bait. The dosage forms include water agent, emulsifier, powder, particle and ointment, etc. However, if pesticides with the same main component are used continuously, not only environmental pollution will be caused, but also drug resistance will appear. The second problem will kill non target insects together.
  2. Physical prevention(Physical Control): environmental prevention and control will be classified together in foreign countries, but I think the two are different. Physical control mainly uses physical to kill and catch pests. These include common sticky boards and traps, but one disadvantage of the above methods is that they will capture other non target creatures, such as birds.
  3. Biological control(Biological Control): it mainly uses biological methods to control, including the use of natural enemies of pests to control the quantity. Second, use bacterial types to infect pests to achieve the killing effect. The third is pheromone, which can cause physical problems of pests, or attract or drive them away. Biological inhibitor is one of the biological control, so that the larvae of cockroaches can not molt, so they can not grow to adults and lose their reproductive ability, so as to achieve the purpose of control.
  4. Environmental prevention and control(Environmental Control): it is a purpose of using the environment to block or drive away pests and prevent entry. For example, blocking rat holes, installing iron sheets to prevent rats from climbing from pipes, planting pepper wood to drive away mosquitoes, etc.

By Gracia Chan